ULN is a laboratory service organization (LSO) initially formed by several hospitals in New York State for the primary purpose of joint contracting with managed care organizations to provide laboratory services. The organization, through its members and contracted participating providers, provides accurate, timely, and cost effective services to patients, physicians, and other health care providers by sharing the network resources of dedicated professionals, advanced information systems, client-focused services, and efficient logistics. Its current members include Centrex Laboratories (New Hartford, NY), Columbia Memorial Hospital (Hudson, NY), Ellis Hospital (Schenectady, NY), Nathan Littauer Hospital (Gloversville, NY),. St. Mary's Hospital (Amsterdam, NY) and St. Peter's Health Care Services (Albany, NY).

The members of United Laboratory Network have developed a local and regional approach to administer and provide laboratory services, to members of the regional health plans. ULN brings together an exceptional blend of talent and strength allowing it to meet the present challenges and opportunities of the regional managed care environment, as well as the evolving requirements of the future. This unique solution provides regional administration with the local delivery of laboratory medicine while leveraging the strengths and tools of larger laboratories. Together, ULN provides regional laboratory benefits management services integrating and coordinating the provision of comprehensive laboratory services. These valued services are accomplished working in collaboration with the local provider community. This extensive network provides laboratory services utilizing a broad array of delivery points including physician offices, hospitals, both regional and national laboratories and associated service centers.